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Info page changed/updated as of 8/11/05:

This journal is mostly friends only. If its anything really personal, its locked otherwise its fair game. Im fairly generous about friending people so if you want me to add you, just ask. Please note, I wont friend anyone under 18. Sadly its not because there's anything exciting in my journal, its just a personal policy.

In regards to my personal details I am well above the age of consent and really the big thing anyone needs to know is Im VERY happily married and not looking to cyber or see your nekkid pics or anything like that.

Note: this is not to say that if you have nekkid pics on your LJ Im going to "OMG! nekkid! ACK! OMG!" Its just to say that if you IM me or something with "Hey baby wanna see my (insert bodily part here)?" I'll tell you where to stick said body part. :)

If you want to send me spam or flame me - don't - if you want to do something nice for me - buy me something off my wish list or upgrade my account some more. :D

Other than that, if I haven't scared you away, feel free to browse around awhile....

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